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Litigation & Mediation Services

Whether you need an attorney to help you with the intricacies of Court or a trained negotiator to help with reaching an agreement or settlement, Carolyn Thompson is committed to providing you with quality professional service.    

Civil & Family Law  

When disputes arise, she diligently litigates to enforce your legal interests and to protect your rights. Attorney Thompson is accessible and "hands-on" with your case rather than staff. Knowledgeable and competent in areas of various areas of the law, you can count out receiving experienced legal advice and representation.      

Domestic Violence

Attorney Thompson is a professional advocate and ministerial counselor for domestic violence victims. She understands the dynamics of obtaining and enforcing protection orders. In a safe and confidential setting, Attorney Thompson even provides a safety plan for those who are not in a position to leave but needing information about their rights while preparing to transition.       


Mediation is an informal alternative to litigation. Carolyn Thompson is a trained neutral mediator in negotiations and bringing parties together to work out a settlement or agreement. When mediation is successful, parties can be saved time and expenses, reduce stress, and have the satisfaction of knowing they were able to work things out themselves (DRC).    

Wills, Estates, and Power Attorney

Preparation for the inevitable is so important for our loved ones left behind. Let your wishes and final arrangements become known with a written Last Will and Testament. At some point, it will be necessary for a trustworthy person to handle your affairs and make difficult decisions. A Power of Attorney designation can put you and your family at ease. Make an appointment today with Attorney Thompson to develop your Estates plan    

List of Practice Areas

Family Law * Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy * Civil Litigation * Certified Superior Court Mediation* Family Financial Settlements * Adoption * Wills & Estates * Power of Attorney and Traffic Offenses*

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You can also read my book, a combination of biblical and legal references to inform and empower the reader about domestic violence.

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